I’m back and I have a Dwighthan drabble for you!

So this is probably one of my favorite pairings. 

Kind of nsfw by the way

Dwight moaned as Ethan kissed his way down the other boys chest. Ethan smirked against Dwight’s skin at the noises that were coming out of his boyfriend’s mouth.

bastard” Dwight mumbled and he made a noise of protest when Ethan’s mouth stopped trailing kisses right before he reached Dwight’s cock. 

Ethan raised up and kissed Dwight slowly, the other boy squirming underneath him. The Tweedle traced patterns on Dwight’s inner thigh and the hunter let out a small whimper. Dwight mumbled something that Ethan couldn’t here. 

"Hm, what was that?" Ethan asked as he rested his forehead on Dwight’s.

God… Ethan… fuck me.” 

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