Dinner By Computer Light- Caterqueen

Charlie looked at the mirror one last time, fixing his hair quickly before walking out of his room. He walked up the stairs to the 3rd floor and came to a stop when he reached the end of the hallway. Before he could even knock on the door, it hissed open and fog poured out. 

"Hello?" He called into the dark room, and Han stood up from his chair that was situated in front of all his computer monitors.

"Hey, Chaz." He said, and Charlie smiled at him, walking closer. Han was moving around, getting a small table from beside his desk and placing it in front of his chair. Then he grabbed another chair and rolled it to the other side of the table. He gestured for the other boy to sit and Charlie did. 

Han quickly grabbed the basket of food he managed to fix without burning down Windsor (two sandwiches, a few cookies, and some chips). Charlie laughed at the food and sat down to eat, the glow of the computers lighting up Han’s smiling face as they talked.